Top 10 Best Car Phone Holder Mounts for a Safer and More Convenient Drive

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Everyone knows that using your phone while driving, whether it’s just checking to see if you received any messages or updating your Facebook status, can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

So, if you want to keep yourself and others on the road safe, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. But how can you do that when you need to use your phone?


Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount

The Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount has a vent-mount design that lets you quickly attach your smartphone or GPS unit to your vehicle’s air vents.

The soft rubber pad and reinforced vent clip firmly hold your phone in place, even if you hit bumps on rough roads.

At just $12, it’s among the cheapest car mounts we reviewed, but it’s also one of our favorites thanks to its strong grip.

It comes with both standard Apple Lightning and Android charging cables, plus an adjustable spring-loaded ball joint that lets you rotate your phone 360 degrees horizontally or vertically without needing to remove it from its mount. The mount is also compatible with most third-party cables.

Kenu Airframe Pro

A great option for most users, Kenu’s Airframe Pro features all-metal construction, which means it will stand up to years of abuse.

Its twist lock design makes it easy to remove your phone with one hand, though there are some downsides:

The long handle is pretty thin, so it doesn’t take up much room on your dash, but you can’t adjust its angle or swivel.



This mount also doesn’t include a charger holder; if you need that functionality, check out our budget pick instead.

But if those things don’t bother you, this is by far our favorite phone mount due to its strong build quality and simple design. The Kenu Airframe Pro is available in both black and silver finishes.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2

Perfect for folks who need an easy-to-install mount that delivers maximum versatility. This mount offers long arms, which is great for larger phones like the Galaxy Note 2.

If you have multiple devices that you use in your car, you’ll love how it also holds devices in landscape orientation.

You can easily adjust it to fit just about any smartphone or GPS device. Plus, its sleek design blends right into your dashboard without drawing attention away from what’s important: your drive.

TechMatte MagGrip Universal Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount

This car phone mount sticks onto your air vent, making it easy to install. It comes with both a vent mount, as well as an adhesive dashboard mount that works on textured surfaces.

The magnetic design ensures that there is no residue left behind if you wish to remove it from your car at any time.

It comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind when making your purchase. If you want an affordable yet sturdy car phone holder, then TechMatte MagGrip Universal Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount might be what you are looking for.

Ex-show Car Mount

The Ex-show mount does exactly what it promises: holds your phone in place with just one hand. If you have to use both hands to drive, you’re forced to let go of your phone.

The Ex-show car mount comes with a holder, which attaches either via suction or adhesive; then you can use an adjustable knob that lets you raise or lower your phone, depending on how much room there is between your windshield and dashboard.

There are two different versions of this car mount—the one that uses an adhesive allows for more adjustment, but might be harder to install.

The one that uses suction comes in four different colors—black, red, white, and blue—and is less expensive than its counterpart.

Vicseed Car Phone Mount

Have you ever had to hold your phone in your hand while driving? Although it may seem like an easy enough task, holding on to your mobile device with one hand can be rather dangerous.

A better way to keep both hands on the wheel is by installing a car phone holder mount in your vehicle.

With these mounts, you don’t have to worry about dropping or misplacing any of your expensive electronics. Many of them are even compatible with different devices.

Vicseed Car Cup Phone Holder

Vicseed’s car cup is an adjustable phone holder that can fit almost any vehicle. It’s a universal fit system, so users will get to enjoy many years of use from it.

The product comes with special adhesive pads to make installation simple and easy. Vicseed has used BPA-free plastic for its car cup, which means customers don’t have to worry about safety or environmental hazards associated with plastics of other kinds.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty if anything happens to your car cup during normal use to ensure customer satisfaction.

Topgo Car Cup Holder

A cup holder phone mount is also one of our favorites here to go, as it attaches to any type of car’s cup holder.

If you drive an SUV or sports car, chances are that your regular smartphone holder might not fit in your car’s cup holder.

With our universal phone mount, however, you can use it with any vehicle that has a cup holder. It uses three vacuum cups to ensure that it does not move once you place it on your car’s cup holder.

This makes sure that your device stays in place even when you have to brake suddenly or go over bumps in the road.

Yosh Car Phone Holder

The Yosh car phone holder is an effective smartphone mount that will accommodate any smartphone or mobile device.

It’s capable of holding most phones, whether they are made by Apple, Samsung, or Google because it was designed to be universal.

The car phone holder attaches to almost any window in your vehicle with powerful suction technology. Its super strong double-sided suction cup can be attached within seconds and fits securely in place without damaging your window or leaving residue when you decide to remove it.

Blukar Car Phone Holder

This is one of our favorites as it features 360 degrees rotatable features. In addition, it comes with an anti-scratch solid aluminum base which you can use to stick on your car dashboard firmly.

This car phone holder mount is great not only for iPhones but also for some Samsung Galaxy models. The suction cup used by Blukar is strong enough that it holds your phone even in heavy windy situations like driving over long bridges or when you’re going through turns on mountain roads.

It even comes with a spare replacement suction cup in case something goes wrong with your first installation! In terms of design, Blukar offers four colors: Black, Blue, Orange, and Red.


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