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10 Types of Dog Cat Food Bowls for the Picky Pet

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How do you know what type of pet food bowls to buy? Well, the first thing you need to know is that there are different kinds of pet food bowls on the market, and they all have their unique characteristics and uses.

This article will discuss 10 of the most common types of pet food bowls available today and what makes them each so useful in your dog or cat’s feeding habits.

Feeding Bowls

Before you can begin selecting your dog or cat food bowls, you need to figure out exactly what type of food and how much your pet will be eating daily.

Once you know that, it becomes easier to pick a bowl that meets your needs. For instance, some dogs are more likely to eat out of an elevated bowl than others.

Conversely, cats tend to prefer smaller, flatter dishes for their food and water bowls. With so many types of feeding bowls on the market today, finding just one that meets your needs is relatively easy if you follow these basic tips before you start shopping.

Elevated Feeders

Feeding your pet is an integral part of pet ownership. But just because you love your dog or cat doesn’t mean that they’ll love their food bowls.

There are several different varieties to choose from including elevated feeders which help reduce stress on your pet’s joints and give them a better vantage point so they can see who is coming and going from their home—something that may prove helpful when you bring a new baby into the house and Fido or Fluffy feels left out.

Having both a regular dish as well as an elevated version is great for dogs with mobility issues, but it can also help puppies grow into their adult coats more quickly as they won’t have to eat in such an awkward position all day long.

Automatic Feeders

Some dog cat food bowls have built-in timers that help you schedule and distribute your pet’s meals and snacks throughout the day.

This can be especially helpful if you have to leave town or go on vacation; these automated feeders keep your pet’s eating habits on track while you’re away.

Some automatic feeders are smart enough to differentiate between threats and regular meals, giving your dog cat food bowls more flexibility than ever before.

If you want a hands-off approach, an automatic dog cat food bowl could be just what you need.

Large Capacity Feeders

While some dogs might eat at a constant rate, many others are particularly fussy about how and when they eat.

To keep these breeds from wolfing down their meals—or leaving your home because there’s nothing left to eat—consider getting a dog bowl with plenty of capacity.

dog cat food bowls

This way, you can offer your pet a second helping (or third or fourth) without having to worry about spills.

Large-capacity feeders are especially popular with larger dogs, especially puppies, as well as older animals who may have trouble eating on their own.

Be sure to get bowls that aren’t prone to tipping over when loaded up with food or water! Plastic pet bowls are an affordable choice that comes in lots of different colors and shapes.

Self-Filling Water Bottles

Dogs and cats don’t always like water, but there are ways to make it a little more palatable. Dogs, in particular, might benefit from an automatic dog-watering system such as a self-filling pet bowl.

This can be placed anywhere in your house or yard and will automatically fill up whenever it senses your pet is nearby. No need to worry about forgetting to fill that bowl again!

Interactive Feeders

Whether you want to reward your pet for being a good dog or reduce mealtime stress, interactive feeders are a great option.

Interactive feeders give you a way to control your pet’s diet by limiting their portion size and ensuring they get their full serving at every meal.

There are many different interactive feeders available; however, some are designed with pets in mind while others aren’t.

Travel Drink Bottles

Pets can be picky eaters just like humans. It’s sometimes worse with our furry friends, especially when you’re trying to feed them a healthy diet or getting them to eat something that helps them maintain their health.

One product that can help your pet happily consume their daily portions is a travel water bottle. These bottles are designed for pets who need to drink multiple times throughout each day; there are usually several holes along one side of the top cover so that your pet can reach its tongue into multiple spots at once.

For instance, if you want to give your dog some calcium or other supplements, many travel bottles come with little compartments or tubes so you can add food and get it into your dog without spilling any.

Automatic Fountains

Automatic fountains work by filling a bowl with water and then turning it off once it’s been consumed. There are many benefits to automatic food and water dispensers, including cutting down on waste—no bowls to wash!

Automatic cat food bowls also make sense if you have multiple cats or a dog that gulps its water. Not only will your pet drink more water because there’s no option to pause, but automatic feeders can help ensure that each pet gets fed at appropriate times.

Many can even be programmed with feeding schedules that use flashing lights or sounds as reminders (and so you don’t forget).

Seating and Mats

When it comes to feeding your pet, presentation is key. Sure, you could just scoop some kibble or canned food onto a plate and call it a day.

But if you want to impress Fido, pick up a special bowl for his food. There are plenty of different styles and materials to choose from—even eco-friendly options that help reduce waste.

After all, even a man’s best friend deserves an elegant meal now and then!

Hay, Treat, and Toy Dispensers

Treat and toy dispensers are a good option if you’re looking to motivate your dog to eat from his food bowl.

These bowls work by providing something extra in addition to their food. A dispenser typically includes one or two openings for easy access to treats, which are hidden inside.

The hidden design ensures that your dog will have to work at getting his snack, encouraging him to stay focused on his dish and eat more slowly.

Toy dispensers offer many of the same benefits as treat ones, but with added entertainment value.

Treat, toy, and hay feeders come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on your pet’s supplies preferences and needs.


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